CEW chief Diane Smith-Gander sees 2015 as key for gender equality - The Australian, 7 January 2016

Every now and then an article grabs my attention because it encapsulates and explains some of the arguments around gender equality really well and I want to make sure those who follow me have access to it.  This recent article in The Australian is such a piece.  It's an interview with Diane Smith-Gander, head of Chief Executive Women and her first observation is that 2015 was a watershed year for women in leadership - by Glenda Korporaal, The Australian, Associate Editor (Business), Sydney

"Chief Executive Women president Diane Smith-Gander believes 2015 was a “watershed year” for women in corporate Australia.

“Things have definitely changed,” Ms Smith-Gander said in an interview to mark the start of her second year as CEW president.

“There is more awareness of the need to have more gender equity. Corporations have gone past the idea of saying ‘we need more women’ to the idea that, like having good safety standards, it is the right thing to do to have more inclusion and true equality.

“People are realising that it makes good business sense to try to keep their talented women. They want to retain them through the employment cycle. They don’t want to throw away their recruitment and training costs, their investment in learning and development of an ­employee just to have them be paid out and leave.

“There is definitely a benefit in terms of costs. But companies will also get the benefit of better decision-making that diversity brings to the workplace.” "  READ MORE ....