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Image by Getty and  ten daily .

Image by Getty and ten daily.

By Gillian Wolski ten daily Lifestyle Reporter

“There's a common line many people tell themselves when toying with the idea of a career change, and it goes something like, "I've always wanted to be a <insert dream role here>, but it'll never happen because <insert excuse here>."

One of the most common excuses is not knowing when it's the right time to make the big leap. Timing, we're told, is everything.

The issue around timing is particularly pertinent to women, who often have to juggle their career with the demands that come with raising a family .

Regardless of gender, there has to be an ideal window of opportunity -- the perfect age to switch careers -- right?

To find out the answer to what seems like the 10 million dollar question, we spoke to career expert and c-suite mentor, Amanda Blesing, who boiled it down to the magic age of ... nothing.”   READ MORE >>>>>