Her Own Glow - Soul and Sisterhood Blog Interview

August 14th 2019


“You are your own worst enemy. You need to get out of your own way.” Girl, this is hard to hear. What does this mean? You might be great at your job, but it will be your own beliefs, biases and baggage that will create blind spots, friction points and keep you from being even better. Not someone else. Yourself. Put systems in place to help you get out of your own way more easily.” - @amanda.blesing💫

Happy Wednesday ladies! Meet Amanda Blesing, a trainer, mentor, speaker and author! As the creator of The Ambition Revolution Program, she currently speaks with, and consults to, busy and ambitious professionals. What really switches her on is seeing these individuals step up, speak out and take charge of their roles, careers, aspirations and their communities. Let the mingling commence...