Invisible to Invincible - 12 Week Career Success Roadmap

A program for busy, career minded women that transforms your confidence, career and earning potential

Take your future into your own hands with research based career navigation tools that truly work for women

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If you’re a busy woman with big goals and dreams but feel like your career has stalled, yet you have so much more to offer, then this 12 week career success roadmap is definitely for you.

Free Masterclass: Be seen, heard and promoted by decision makers without spending hours in the office

Free Masterclass: 7 Critical Elements of Subtly Powerful Self Promotion

YOU can learn how to shift from Invisible to Invincible -- Even if:

You don’t have enough time because you’re busy picking up the pieces both at home and at the office

You’ve been stuck in a career rut and wonder if it’s all worthwhile

You’ve never had to self-promote to get ahead

You feel like a fraud

You don’t have an advanced education

You doubt yourself and your abilities

You feel reluctant to spend money on yourself

You’re an introvert and hate standing out from the crowd

You don’t fit the masculine leadership mold and stereotype of a successful executive woman

Husband says no - “surely you can do this on your own”!!!

That’s because YOU are more powerful than the systems trying to keep you in place.

In this program, you’ll learn the techniques Mary-Beth used to change her story of invisibility to get a raise and promotion in her field.

Women are systemically overlooked in the workplace because of historical stereotypes. Even today more than 80% of leadership roles are held by men, so when someone at work told Mary-Beth she would need to straighten her hair to be taken seriously, she had enough.

Guided by the research-based tools I share in this 12-week roadmap program, Mary-Beth transformed her brand from Invisible to Invincible, and in just two years landed a brand new C-level role in her field of expertise.

That’s what the Invisible to Invincible program does: it helps you step into the limelight, and break through stereotypical leadership moulds that don’t fit who you are.

With Invisible to Invincible, you’ll have access to the resources Mirella used to challenge masculine leadership standards and win more flexible working arrangements and a higher salary.

Women executives face a societal double-standard at work. The difficult projects we solve are continually seen as ‘non promotable’, whereas men who do the same move up the ladder.

Like Mirella, who had been promised multiple promotions for high performance, only to be told she had to wait. Fed up, she used the tools I teach during the Invisible to Invincible program to fire up her confidence, strategically nurture her network, and sell her own value to decision-makers other than her boss…landing a brand new role within months.

This program is your opportunity to learn techniques that will boost your confidence and win you wide-spread recognition in your field, advancing you further into your chosen career.

Using the Invisible to Invincible roadmap, Fiona discovered how to break free of societal expectations about parenting to win the role of a lifetime.

When a woman prioritises family, she is often seen as less ambitious. Yet society still expects women to do most of the child rearing (often at the expense of career progress).

Stuck in this paradox and recently single, Fiona juggled the responsibility of parenting all while trying to land the role of her dreams. Using the tactics I recommended during this program, Fiona began to prioritise her own needs without guilt, and even turned down ‘not quite right’ opportunities until she found a role where she flourished.

That’s what women love about the Invisible to Invincible roadmap: It teaches you to establish boundaries that keep you energised and to grow your career without settling for less.

Using the evidence-based, confidence boosting techniques this program provides, Jalpa became better recognised as an ‘emerging talent’ in her field.

Society tends to underestimate younger-looking women despite their talent, intelligence, or potential. Like Jalpa, who was sacrificing a ton of time at work, only to have no one take her ambitions seriously.

Determined to escape the burden of ‘overproof’ put on women her age, and to regain her confidence in the cyber industry, Jalpa used the tools from my Invisible to Invincible program to build her personal brand with substance. She was quickly recognised as an emerging talent, which led to a promotion just eight months later.

You, too, can learn the strategies Jalpa adopted to avoid fraud-like feelings and self-doubt using this program, which helps you to aim higher, even in masculine-dominated industries!

Vineeta created her own Invisible to Invincible plan, and in just one year transitioned out of a sales position that was getting her nowhere.

Over half of today’s post-secondary degrees are awarded to women, yet many women face uncertainty due to unconscious bias and limited workplace support.

Take Vineeta, who was so good at her craft that her company wouldn’t let her do anything else. She wanted to try new things, but was stuck in a constant cycle of high sales targets and KPIs. Thanks to the tactics we implemented together using Invisible to Invincible principles, Vineeta became recognised as a high-performing leader with talents that go well beyond sales!

In just three short months of programming, you will also learn to break out of any technical pigeonhole you may have outgrown with a self-advocacy plan that puts YOU in command.

Amanda Blesing

Mentor, CEO, International Speaker & Author
Founder, The She-Suite® Club

Meet The Invisible to Invincible Founder

Amanda Blesing

Mentor, CEO, International Speaker & Author Championing Women to Lead and Succeed in the C-Suite

Amanda Blesing is a speaker and award winning expert on career and personal branding for executive women. As a former CEO, now Fempreneur, executive coach and mentor, she truly understands the tightrope that many women walk on their pathway to the top.

With her second book Invisible to Invincible becoming an Amazon best seller, she has gone on to help more than 600 women achieve significant career milestones and recognition. The Invisible to Invincible 12 Week Career Success Roadmap leverages the framework from her book into an easy step-by-step system for women to achieve their career goals in less than half the time it would normally take.

Her own 20+ year career journey came through designing and developing educational training programs and courses in the professional association world. The common theme of all professional associations is that people join for career advancement and self-promotion opportunities – publishing, speaking, Boards and Awards. You could say, she’s been helping people win raises, promotions and recognition since 1993. Teaching women to succeed in their career is what she is talented at.


Author & International Speaker


Career-Minded Clients


Years Experience


on LinkedIn


Top Voice Award

When you join the Invisible to Invincible 12 Week Career Success Roadmap, you will:

Build the business case for “brand you”, to get more promotion opportunities

Progress your career without spending ridiculous hours in the office

Beat the bias with powerful positioning to get the pay you deserve

Fit your own mask first, don’t be the 2IC in your life, become the CEO instead to realise your goals and ambitions

Learn how to say no, without losing likability

Rise above busy, with boundaries that keep you confident and strategic

Build your brand on substance so you never feel like a lightweight again

Learn how to self promote, without exhausting yourself in the process

Lead like yourself, not like a mini man - so you feel more confident and energised

Leverage LinkedIn to keep you front and centre with recruiters

Shift from feeling you are invisible to feeling far more invincible

The Invisible to Invincible program follows my executive branding framework from my Amazon best seller book.

Module 1: Create a roadmap for “brand you” to halve your effort yet double your impact

You’ll learn how to create a clearly defined career strategy that works for women. You’ll also identify what your typical brand is on the Invisible to Invincible Branding Framework and where it is you’d like to get to in 12 months. After all, if you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there, or even if you are on the right track.

Module 2: Uncover your Workhorse brand and how that is holding you back

You will declutter your life of what is draining you and add more into your life of what sustains you. This will free up your time for meaningful impactful activities. It will also shed limiting beliefs around work which will enable you to get ahead without spending extra time.

Module 3: Never underestimate yourself again so you can have far more impact

You will learn a winning formula to ensure that you can communicate real life examples where you’ve made a substantial difference in the language that puts you in line for pay rises and promotions. You’ll communicate in a way that feels natural, aligned with your personal style and doesn’t feel like bragging.

Module 4: Ditch your Enabler brand so you can claim the recognition that’s rightfully yours

You will identify how the narrow feminine stereotype of prioritising others needs above your own, is holding you back. You will then implement simple techniques to claim credit without feeling like you are bragging. This is the key to unlocking the confidence, promotions and pay increases you deserve while feeling amazing doing it!

 Module 5: Expose your Fixer tendencies which are unfortunately promotable for men but not for women

Learn to put boundaries around Fixer activities which are slowing down your career progression. Master how to say no without losing likability or even feeling guilty, which will give you more time back in your day and increase your work satisfaction as well.

Module 6: Step into the limelight as a highly sought after Dynamo brand

Build your brand and reputation so that you become highly sought after. Learn to network in a way that works for women, is prioritised for impact and will deliver you the career opportunities you’ve been craving. Your new Dynamo brand will multiply the impact and effectiveness of the techniques you’ve applied so far, accelerating your career trajectory while giving you more freedom over the type of opportunities and salaries you accept

Module 7: Claim your credit as a Rockstar self-promoter with increased national and even international exposure

Rockstar your brand and visibility in a strategic way to advance your career while mitigating the potential for backlash. Increase your exposure via speaking/panel opportunities, podcast interviews, publishing on LinkedIn or even nominating for Awards. Your new Rockstar reputation enables you to reach and surpass the ambitious career goals you’ve set for yourself. It also greatly increases your career and financial security as you become a hot commodity.

Module 8: Become the CEO of your own life, career and destiny

While you might not want to be the CEO of a company, you can claim and own your seat at the table with CEO time management, prioritisation and decision making in all aspects of your life. Leave a lasting legacy.

This is how the Invisible to Invincible - 12 Week Career Success Roadmap will look like…

8 video training modules providing clear step-by-step instructions to quickly accelerate your career progression.

21 worksheet PDFs to cut-down the time required to apply the principles from the program and give cheat sheets to review the concepts in mere minutes.

8 transcript PDFs of all the video training to further support your success.

10+ hours of video training going in-depth on each of the topics.

Powerful bonuses to eliminate obstacles on your career path.

Still wondering if the Invisible to Invincible program is for you? Read on!

You know the feeling when you don’t know what you should be doing so you try everything, but you’re not sure what actually works? This leaves you depleted and exhausted wondering if it’s all worthwhile. In this course we uncover tactics that are proven to work for women (not necessarily for men) to leave you only doing the right things, not everything. Essentially, we won’t be adding more to your plate, so you can get a better result!
2 years? 3 years? 10 years? I am not quite ready yet… Research tells us that women underestimate themselves and that this has a significant impact on their career progress. The women who work with me tell me they more easily put themselves forward for stretch opportunities and are not only far less likely to underestimate themselves again, but no longer feel like their career is on hold.
The most successful executives pull out their career tools used to win interviews at least once a year to ensure they don’t get rusty. Given that these tools have the potential to impact your career and earning potential over 10 years by hundreds and thousands of dollars, it makes sense to keep them sharp and up to date. In fact, in going through the motions you can often learn that the grass is not greener on the other side afterall, which will help you stay focused in your current organisation.

What my Incredible Clients have to say...

“The clear ways in which Amanda captures and articulates the experience of women’s careers is remarkable. Amanda understands the particular dilemmas and challenges women face in their career progression – and more importantly, how to resolve and overcome these.“

~ Professor Marcia Devlin, Education leader, consultant & executive

“Amanda is a joy to work with. Her understanding of the unique issues women in leadership face, coupled with strategies to succeed and build your personal brand in a way that is both authentic and powerful was a revelation to me. […] She works with a brilliant group of women who bring unexpected treasures to every networking and learning opportunity.”

~ Gabrielle Cichero
Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific, Anaplan

“Amanda taught me to trust in myself, to highlight my attributes and not be someone’s workhorse. If I had not engaged Amanda when I did, I would not have had this CIO opportunity.”

~ Mary-Beth Hosking, CIO, PointsBet

FREE Gifts WORTH $1,834

Bonus #1 Three Month Access to the She-Suite® Club ($990 value)

The Exclusive Empowerment Community for Executive Women

Break through to the next level of career and leadership success with your new role and opportunity.

Have you hit the “glass ceiling” so many times, it feels as if the top of your head is flat? Has your journey through the executive ranks seem to have stalled out? Are your dedication and hard work going unrewarded? Are you feeling underappreciated or misunderstood in the workplace? If so…welcome to The Club!

This is THE place, where like-minded, executive-minded, forward-thinking women come to communicate—collaborate—and celebrate everything that it means to be a career-focused woman in a male-dominated work environment. This isn’t about ‘us vs. them.’ This is about us making a name for ourselves—taking a seat, and truly owning that seat, at the table—and doing so not as ‘clones’ of men, but as authentic, self-confident, self-empowered women.

What can you expect?

  • Let go of old beliefs and mindsets about women, career and leadership and stop ‘imposter syndrome’ in its tracks
  • Self-promotion tactics and strategies that navigate bias, limiting stereotypes and minimise the risk of backlash
  • Tools and resources guaranteed to help you become the Standout CEO of your life, career and destiny!
  • Plus encouragement, motivation and support from likeminded women to cheer you on your way.

Bonus #2 Seven Ways to Post Your Way to the Top Using LinkedIn ( $497 value)

In this short-course I help you build a confident and professional brand for yourself via LinkedIn posting – giving you proven tools and tactics to position yourself for the job you want, with consistent, branded posting. What we cover:

  • How to use posting to amplify your brand
  • A winning formula for structuring your post that helps you beat the algorithm
  • Seven different post types to stop you sounding like a broken record

Bonus #3 Seven Ways to Comment Your Way to the Top with LinkedIn ($347 value)


From Cheer Leader to Branded Thought Leader -a time efficient way to stand out with branding and confidence.

This short course will give you the confidence you need to build your executive brand and career through LinkedIn commenting. Seven lessons to help you develop your personal strategy and make the most of an underutilized and time-efficient tool.

If you don’t have the time to always curate, create or share content but still want to grow your profile, then this is the course for you


Choose the level of support that is right for you!

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Self Study


AUD inc. GST

12 week training program

8 video training modules to quickly accelerate your career progression

21 easy to follow worksheets to cut-down the time to get results

8 transcript PDFs of the video training to further support your success

10+ hours of video training designed specifically to help women progress their career

Bonus 3-month membership to The She-Suite® Club and access to my LinkedIn training courses

1:1 support


AUD inc. GST

Everything in the 1:1 Self-Serve program

4 x individual coaching calls of 1 hour each with Amanda (valued $4,400 inc GST)

An Executive CV audit, upgrade and rewrite

LinkedIn profile audit, upgrade, SEO optimise and bio rewrite (CV & LinkedIn valued at $1850 inc GST)

NOTE: CV and LinkedIn profile bonuses only available until midnight on Wednesday 25 January 2023. Limited to 6 places only

Self Study


3 payments billed monthly
AUD inc. GST

12 week training program

8 video training modules to quickly accelerate your career progression

21 easy to follow worksheets to cut-down the time to get results

8 transcript PDFs of the video training to further support your success

10+ hours of video training designed specifically to help women progress their career

Bonus 3-month membership to The She-Suite® Club and access to my LinkedIn training courses

1:1 support


3 payments billed monthly
AUD inc. GST

Everything in the 1:1 Self-Serve program

4 x individual coaching calls of 1 hour each with Amanda (valued $4,400 inc GST)

An Executive CV audit, upgrade and rewrite

LinkedIn profile audit, upgrade, SEO optimise and bio rewrite (CV & LinkedIn valued at $1850 inc GST)

NOTE: CV and LinkedIn profile bonuses only available until midnight on Wednesday 25 January 2023. Limited to 6 places only

Enrolment for Invisible to Invincible is by ‘application only’ to ensure it’s a good fit.

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If you have any questions about the program, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help you.

What my Incredible Clients have to say...

“The branding session was so interesting and time flew by! Learning about the branding matrix and seeing how I’ve moved through it during my career was fascinating!“

~ Rana Ali, Portfolio Management, Brandon Capital

“Amanda taught me to trust in myself, to highlight my attributes and not be someone’s workhorse. If I had not engaged Amanda when I did, I would not have had this CIO opportunity. Amanda helped me achieve in two years what I couldn’t achieve eight years prior.”

~ Mary-Beth Hosking, CIO, Pointsbet

“On top of the tactics, support, and confidence Amanda gave me, another incredible asset was Amanda’s community of executive women. There were so many light bulb moments in the group of really successful women experiencing the same scenarios that I had been experiencing. It helped remove a lot of my own self-inflicted self-doubt as I recognized my experiences were not isolated.”

~ Barb Woodruff Swanson, CRO, Fergus

If you have any questions about the program, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions...

In fact that’s a good thing and I would hope that they do. When you increase your confidence, start building your brand on substance, others will start taking you more seriously, and new opportunities will more easily come your way.

Work is not school and companies are keen to hire or promote motivated talent who are hungry to make a difference. Don’t let someone else’s inertia get in the way of your career satisfaction, or earning potential.

That’s all well and good, but great bosses retire, resign or are made redundant. And don’t forget that your boss is the protagonist in their own movie, so their priority is not you. Things happen and despite best intentions many of those promises don’t eventuate, just like what happened to Mirella until she took action. No-one cares as much about their career as you do, so you need to take ownership of it.
This is a really common thing – and comes from a time when hierarchical work structures were deemed the norm – where lower level employees should be seen and not heard. It doesn’t work that way any more and those who you watch being most successful have learned to share the benefit of their own results. Afterall, luck is where planning meets opportunity. Those who get all the glory are frequently creating it for themselves.
I’m really sorry to hear that you had that experience. But did your career coach specialise in tactics that work for women and not necessarily for men? We are so lucky right now that there is so much more research around that tells us that many women need a different approach and that these new tactics result in women not just aiming higher, but attaining higher and even earning more throughout the course of their career.
In fact, this is ideal for those working in remote environments. Unfortunately out of sight does tend to mean out of mind, so the tactics you will learn in this course will ensure you get the recognition you truly deserve, even while working from home. Don’t be a square on a screen, be a standout candidate instead.
No matter where you are in your career, the lessons you will learn in this course will help. Importantly they will give you the confidence to keep trying, they will give you the tools to increase your self belief and the evidence to back you up as well.

In a nutshell, people who don’t struggle with career navigation quite simply cannot understand the challenges for those of us who do. The challenges of bias, socialisation, and even the subtly powerful influence of the stereotype effect (which I cover in the course) can get in the way of you reaching your full potential. Why make it hard for yourself? Make it easy instead. And why go it alone? When research tells us that doing it with the support of other women will get you a better result anyway.

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