LinkedIn for Executive Branding

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‘Definitions belong to the definers, not the defined.’
— Toni Morrison — Beloved
Executive Branding with Amanda Blesing


LinkedIn is a tool that helps you build presence, positioning and personal brand. In fact if done well it keeps you top of the pops 24/7 while you sleep.

Remember, right audience, right time, right place, right key messages, be clear about what you stand for, know your why and pick your battles.

The following videos will help you fast track your comfort with social selling. And we're all selling something, whether we like it or not. Right now I'd like to help you sell Executive Brand You.


Familiarisation and Profile Setup (for presence and personal brand)

LinkedIn profile overiew

Profile overview

Privacy & Settings part 1

LinkedIn Privacy & Settings Part 2

LinkedIn Privacy & Settings cont ..

More on your profile set up

- Your Public Profile set up
- Edit your LinkedIn profile URL

How to edit your LinkedIn Summary

Your Social Selling Index dashboard

Adding media to your profile

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Introductions and messaging

Sharing and Publishing content (creating positioning)

Positioning can be created by sharing and creating content. LinkedIn provides a powerful to do just that. The gold standard is proactive, strategic and themed with your future focused brand. So instead of simply reading content, you are creating and sharing content aligned with your future focused goals, systematically, thematically and at a thought leadership / leadership level, reflecting on best practice and why we do what we do in the first place.

Sharing articles more easily

Editing shared articles if you make a mistake

Deleting  articles etc

How to publish or write an article part 1

Writing or publishing articles (formatting) part 2

How to write or publish articles part 3

Writing/Publishing on LinkedIn - before you actually publish

Tips on creating engagement and engineering your own read rate

Scheduling via Hootsuite. (Note you cannot schedule article writing or publishing)

And if there is something missing, let me know. I'll make you an explainer video.