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Have you hit the “glass ceiling” so many times, it feels as if the top of your head is flat? Has your journey through the executive ranks seem to have stalled out? Are your dedication and hard work going unrewarded? Are you feeling underappreciated or misunderstood in the workplace? If so…welcome to The Club!

“This is THE place, where like-minded, executive-minded, forward-thinking women come to communicate—collaborate—and celebrate everything that it means to be a career-focused woman in a male-dominated work environment. This isn’t about ‘us vs. them.’ This is about us making a name for ourselves—taking a seat, and truly owning that seat, at the executive table—and doing so not as ‘clones’ of men, but as authentic, self-confident, self-empowered women.”

Amanda Blesing

2 x Author; Women’s C-Suite Mentor & Executive Coach; Founder: The She-Suite™ Club

Where empowered women empower other women. Because when women win, everyone wins.

What Others Say

Not Sure About Whether Working with Amanda is Right For You?

Amanda is best known for her work in three areas


Helping leading women build a powerful brand and profile


Keeping leading women strong, strategic and confident in their big role


Helping busy, hard working executives win pay rises, promotions, better opportunities and the recognition they truly deserve.

Throughout the last few years, despite an economic downturn, many of Amanda’s clients -

Received significant increases in salary,

Became finalists in Awards

Had articles featured in national and international publications, and

Several clients landed what can only be described as their “dream role” inside their “dream organisation” despite the impact of COVID.

While we can’t guarantee a raise, what we can guarantee is that all your career tools will be upgraded at least two levels, plus your confidence will go through the roof.

Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re absolutely, categorically right. So why not you?

Your webinar was the best, so powerful. Love it, you and Penny.

Cheyenne Walker

Thanks for uplifting us women out there. As an introvert, I’m very conscious when I speak. Going to put those “memorable” tips to use.

Lynda Bath

I just read the LinkedIn chapter in your book and am 20% of the way through your online course. This is GREAT content!!!! Before I started with you no one looked at my LinkedIn profile. There were just 20 views a week on average. Now it’s increased exponentially and I’m getting approached to co-create content! Working on me and my brand has made a real demonstrable difference in a few months. Woohoo!



Thanks so much for your negotiation advice video and worksheet. I have to say it was awesome. I did the worksheet, then using the language you gave me in the video, drafted an email to negotiate an increase despite being told it wouldn’t be possible and I’ve just been offered a $45K increase initial offer and this was the first time I’d successfully negotiated in more than 15 years. I can’t thank you enough!



You changed my life!. Since working with you my career has never looked so good and I feel amazing.

Ms E

Government Executive

Thank you so much for everything you’ve taught me! I used that knowledge and landed a brand new role for a company I really admire and want to work for.


Change Consultant

When I first signed up with Amanda, I wasn’t certain. I knew she worked mainly with women in leadership, and I was just starting my leadership journey. However through Amanda’s inclusive 1-on-1 program, she was able to tailor it to my needs at an interesting time in my career. With Amanda’s support and expert guidance, I was able to navigate the challenges and change of my job search from interview preparation to salary negotiation, and landing an amazing role with a salary in line within my expectations.

Jane Sarah Lat

Before I started with Amanda no one really looked at my LinkedIn profile. There were just 20 views a week on average. Now it’s increased exponentially and I’m getting approached to co-create content! Working on me and my brand has made a real demonstrable difference in a few months. Woohoo!



Thank you so much for today’s session! I feel really positive about this moving forward – you are authentic and have some great materials and make people take responsibility for their own development which is fantastic.


Senior Leader, Project Management

Amanda was our first online guest speaker for 2021 at Women of Whitehorse, for our Lunch and Learn Sessions run every month live into our Facebook Group.

During Amanda’s appearance as Guest Speaker, we had technical issues with time lags and Amanda sharing her screen into our Group. Amanda was a true professional, without being able to refer to her slides, she spoke for an hour on subtle powerful self promotion. Amanda was an engaging and enthusiastic speaker, eluding confidence, positivity and passion in her topic.

Would highly recommend Amanda as a Speaker, she really left a long lasting impression with some great take-aways for our Members.

Jennifer Brosnan

Founder at Women of Whitehorse and Managing Director - Leave it with me Social Media

A believer in investing in yourself to evolve and develop, I undertook some executive coaching with Amanda after hearing her speak on ABC radio. Like the value I got from her books, our sessions were insightful and I enjoyed the experience of working to sharpen my career trajectory.


Thank you so much Amanda. You have brought out the best of me and put it on a page!


Thanks for keeping me focussed on what matters. Since we went into lockdown, I struggled with the isolation, and in addition, my workplace got very busy all of a sudden. I kept wanting to retreat into a shell and not bother with driving my personal career growth.

But your regular posts on LinkedIn and your regular emails kept giving me a jolt to not get complacent about things, and call out patterns of behaviour that I may be slipping into. They often seem to come right at the time when I was at my most vulnerable to the self-defeating thoughts! Your regular writings make a difference for me to keep my eye on the ball. 🙏


Technology Sector, Melbourne

I attended Amanda’s 2021 self-promotion masterclass and it really helped me gain my perspective back so I can continue to pursue my goals in a more strategic and “bite size chunks” ways. The online interactive nature of the workshop delivered by Amanda was complimentary to refocus strategies for my plans and profile building. She also shared a couple of really cool tools that will help me plan far more effectively.

Elizabeth Harrison

The online retreat highlight was all the amazing women coming together. It made me feel like I was not alone in wanting to find my brand and what I wanted, It will help me refocus on what I want for my future and what that will look like.

Clare Collinge

Clinical Coder - Epworth

You’ve poured your heart into your Career , and it’s about time you were recognized for it. Let’s work together to create the life you deserve.

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