White paper - Visibility and Feminine Ambition

How to Stand Out for the right reasons

In the words of Helen Reddy -

"I am woman, hear me roar!"

Hear me roar, see me soar, make a splash, stand out and create impact! This is your time to shine now. However you word it, this is important, because business does far better with women leading equal with men - and you'll be far better off yourself.

But as professional or executive women, we must have missed the memo that said that in order to get ahead you need to self promote, self advocate and express your expertise. Research, along with personal experience, tells us that most executive women feel uncomfortable doing this, plus we walk a perilous knife edge between 'flying our own flag' and 'flagrant self promotion' - adding another layer of complexity.

This white paper explores these issues and more, and starts to lay out a framework for executive women to more skilfully stand out for the right reasons.