Step Up, Speak Out, Take Charge

A woman's guide to getting ahead in your career

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If you’ve ever felt that you’re stuck in a job rut or pigeon holed in a role then this book is for you. International speaker, author and mentor, Amanda Blesing, has created an easy, definitive guide for women in the workplace. Drawing upon over three decades worth of career thrills, spills and excitement, most recently seeing her as CEO in the NFP sector, she’s compiled the latest research into gender diversity, along with statistics, data and stories to not only help you create a career that makes a difference - but to Step Up, Speak Out and Take Charge of your life and your career.

Here's what others have to say ....

“The world needs ambitious women. Amanda’s work provides a thoughtful framework to help women channel their talents strategically so they can make a difference and build a powerful personal brand. That’s the true path to standing out.” — Dorie Clark, author of Stand Out & Reinventing You; adjunct professor, Duke University's Fuqua School of Business
“If you’ve ever felt stuck in a career rut, or pigeon holed in a role that isn’t working anymore, then Step Up, Speak Out, Take Charge is for you. Amanda’s refreshing honesty and sense of humour make this an easy to implement, yet powerful guide for women wanting to fast track their career progress.” — Janine Garner, Speaker, Author, Mentor

“With so much media around women breaking glass ceilings, leaning out and speaking up, there is usually still a void on practical solutions of how to strive for that next level. Amanda’s straightforward approach delivers on these solutions. Her focus on mindset, getting out of your comfort zone and practical strategies mean that no matter what age, or industry, this book will definitely help you to get ahead”. — Louise Agnew, author of Worthy Women, financial strategies for women's confidence and success

“Amanda’s insights provide a powerful roadmap for women everywhere at any stage of their career as they explore what it is to Step Up, Speak Out and Take Charge in their careers and communities.  Amanda’s unique perspective and sense of humour really help the reader to understand the power of belief, drive and action as tools for getting ahead”.  - Emma Isaacs, Founder/Global CEO at Business Chicks USA
“I mentored Amanda as she started to “unpack” what it is she knew about women, career and ambition. Her own drive, determination and passion to help others was clear from the outset and her vision is really clear. I’m delighted she has taken this step in her own career journey and has written Step Up, Speak Out, Take Charge, a career changing book, that will help others get there too.”  - Christina Guidotti, Author, Speaker, Mentor, CEO Leading Women, Partner Thought Leaders Global
“I first met Amanda when she was beginning her journey into the professional speaking world. I was truly impressed by her focus, discipline and passion for her topic of helping women to create a career that really counts.  She writes with humour and her courage to question assumptions is wonderful to see." - Dr Mollie Marti, CEO, National Resilience Institute; Researcher; International speaker; Author; Psychologist and Lawyer
“This book is such a great handbook for anyone working in corporate or business who is trying to get to that next level but is just not quite sure how. If I could summarise with one key statement it would be "get out of your own way and just get on and do what it is you need to do to make a difference in your life”. Thanks Amanda for inspiring women everywhere.”  - Sharon Jurd, International author and speaker, Extraordinary Women in Franchising and How to Grow Your Business Faster than your Competitor
“Amanda’s focus is on helping women see that a pathway to leadership is not just a nice thing to do, but essential for business. Her quirky ability to use stories and colourful phrasing means that leadership is accessible to anyone who chooses that pathway.  I especially love her explanation of The Revolutionary  “If you can’t find a seat at the table, bring your own chair!” and “If you don’t like the way things are then change them”.  These are the people who make change happen and Amanda is certainly a Revolutionary Woman with a mission. Buy a copy today, read it and add your voice to the cause of overcoming the gap throughout our workforce. Even better, buy a second copy and give it to a woman who needs encouragement to reach her destiny or someone who should be giving encouragement to women.” - Lynette Gray, speaker and author of Women in Workboots