Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.
— Timothy Leary
Amanda Blesing - Redefine your future!

Amanda Blesing - Redefine your future!

Amanda Blesing

Mentor, Trainer, Speaker and Author 

Approximately 25 years ago Amanda Blesing started to work her way through the ranks of association management, with her last role as Chief Executive Officer of SOCAP Australia.  And while she has a strong understanding of how to turn an organisation around, her expertise and passion remains in designing  programs that help women to lead and succeed.

As the creator of The Ambition Revolution program, she currently speaks with, and consults to, busy and ambitious professionals.  What really switches her on is seeing these individuals step up, speak out and take charge - of their roles, careers, aspirations and their communities. 

Most recently she has been working with a range of people including a C-suite executive in an ASX100, a consultant establishing her own brand and an HR executive wanting to carve out a more powerful career path and be valued for the expertise she brings to the table. 

You might even say Amanda is like a personal trainer for those who are ready to strive for ambitious goals or projects but who need that extra push, strategic focus or confidence boost.

What differentiates her is that despite humble origins she has big dreams, is determined, self assured and provides a great example of hands on leadership that navigates the stormy waters between likeability and getting things done. She truly understands and provides solutions for the challenges people face in balancing a demanding role, ambition and workload, along with a fulfilling personal life. 

Because not stepping up, speaking out or taking charge can keep you feeling stuck and prevent you from realising the full extent of your professional and personal worth. This does little justice to you and the organisations/clients you work for. To simply overcome a few of these issues will not only increase your confidence, but new opportunities will present themselves effortlessly as will the feeling of being back in the driver’s seat of your work, career and life.

Amanda is inspiring, creative, innovative, energetic and visionary. I worked closely with her in a President/CEO relationship and admired her tireless invention and reinvention of our member services and her ability to generate financial sustainability in all sorts of conditions. She is a marvelous mentor - helping to identify opportunity, crystallise value and inspire action. She has her finger on the pulse, helping others to stay in touch with new ideas, trends and resources. Amanda is a dynamic agent of change and a wonderful asset as a speaker, coach or mentor.
— Loraine Dartnell, Head of Member and Customer Experience at NRMA