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experience the fulfilling life and career you truly deserved.


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Amanda Blesing

Mentor, CEO, International Speaker & Author
Founder, The She-Suite® Club


Are You Ready to Finally Take Your Hard-Earned
Seat at the ExecutiveTable?

You’re in the perfect place if you want to…

Grow In Confidence

Lean into opportunities to level-up your career, and stop letting fear of rejection stand between you and your goals.

Increase Your Salary

Finally get paid what you deserve. Stop doing high-level work for low-level pay. Learn how to more than double your salary (yes, seriously).

Land Your Dream Role

Name and claim the position you deserve, and learn how to make a powerful impact without sacrificing the life you love.

Gain Lasting Recognition

Gain recognition for the expertise, perspective, and leadership you bring. Find your voice, and move from invisible to invincible!

Amanda is a phenomenal coach and mentor for women looking to accelerate their career and personal brand. She is dynamic and strategic in her dealings and will help you crystallise your future goals and then lay a road map on how to achieve them.
Tanya Singh

You are Truly Amazing
at What you do…

You’re smart. You’re passionate. And you work so incredibly hard, even when no one is watching.

You see the details no one else does. You go the extra mile without being asked. You prop others up so they can achieve greatness, and you ask for nothing in return.

But you’re still not where you want to be, and you know you’re capable of so much more. So, when is it your turn to step into the career you’ve dreamt of?

As women, we’re sold this dream that we can “have it all”, and yet…

Amanda Blesing - You are Truly Amazing at What you do

So Many Women are Forced to Choose Between the Life They Want, and the Career They Deserve

No matter how much diversity your organization preaches, the reality is: we’re yet to see a level playing field for male and female executives. 

You’ve felt it before, right? The hidden biases, perceptions and stereotypes claiming their stake in your success. You’re told to ‘lead like a man’, you’re called a ‘ball breaker’, and you’re forced to choose between flexibility and success. 

So, if you’ve ever felt limited in your ability to achieve both the career and life you crave, you’re not alone. 

Have you ever experienced any of these
common struggles Female leaders face?

Have you been passed over (or not even
considered) for a promotion?
watched someone with less skill, expertise,
and drive overtake you…

Do you feel as though your skills,
commitment, and work-ethic are being
taken advantage of?
And you’re never
truly recognized for the work you do…

Have you tried to reenter the corporate
world after having kids, but struggled
to find a high-level role with flexibility?
been forced to take a lower role than what
you’re capable of...

Are you completing high-level tasks at a
low-level of pay?
And you’re not confident
asking for a promotion or to be paid what
you’re worth.

Do you struggle to find your voice in a male-
dominated environment?
And you don’t have
many female leaders as role models or mentors
around you…

Are you so worn-out from prioritizing and
caring for others, you haven’t had the energy
to invest in your own leadership?
And you
know your career is suffering because of it.

If you answered “YES!” to any of the above, then I want to help you to rewrite
your narrative. It’s time to break down the walls, roadblocks, and glass
ceilings holding you back from the career you’re destined for.

Exclusive Support for
Career Minded Women...
So You Can Become the
Leader you Were Born to Be

Whether you desire a well-deserved promotion, to re-enter the workforce after
a break, or to land your dream job at a new organization, I want to help
you achieve your career goals. Here’s how…


One-on-one mentoring to help you develop your leadership skills, progress your career, gain recognition, and achieve mastery in the senior roles you desire. Learn the vital skills you need to put yourself at the front of your own story.

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VIP Branding for
Busy Executives

Big on ambition but short on time? Change the trajectory of your career and earning potential in just one day. Let’s revitalise your career, boost your credibility and reinvent your brand with exclusive support from Amanda and her team. Lights! Cameras! Action!!
Become the VIP you were meant to be.

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Join The
She-Suite® Club

The exclusive empowerment community for executive women, guaranteed to boost your career, confidence and earning potential. Ideal if you are budget conscious and feel isolated in your role. Research proves that behind every successful leading woman, is a group of supportive women. Empowered women empower other women! Find out more ->


An immersive experience designed to reignite your passion for leadership and building your personal brand. Network with other career-minded executive women (with plenty of irresistible food, wine and relaxation!)

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The Future Belongs to Those Who
Create it for Themselves

Here’s How Amanda's Exclusive Support Helps You Take
Charge of Your Own Career:

Executive Support Exclusively
for Career-Minded Women

The challenges you face as a woman in leadership are unique, and so is the support, strategies, and tools you need to thrive. Experience the power of truly specialized, tailored, and premium support from a mentor who cares. 


Personal-Branding Techniques for Every Level of Leader

The challenges you face as a woman in leadership are unique, and so is the support, strategies, and tools you need to thrive. Experience the power of truly  specialized, tailored, and premium support from a mentor who cares. 

Practical Tools to Crush Gender Inequality & Societal Biases

The challenges you face as a woman in leadership are unique, and so is the support, strategies, and tools you need to thrive. Experience the power of truly  specialized, tailored, and premium support from a mentor who cares. 

Hands-on Support for Women at any Stage of Career Growth

The challenges you face as a woman in leadership are unique, and so is the support, strategies, and tools you need to thrive. Experience the power of truly  specialized, tailored, and premium support from a mentor who cares. 

Meet The She-Suite® Club Founder

Hi, I’m Amanda Blesing…

Mentor, CEO, International Speaker & Author

Hi, I’m
Amanda Blesing…

Mentor, CEO, International Speaker & Author, Founder, The She-Suite® Club​

I spent 25+ years forging my way through the
ranks of the association world, and even landed a
role as CEO of SOCAP Australia before
establishing my own company to help women do
the same.

I’ve spent time working with clients such as Telstra, ANZ, and Suncorp, and even been featured in Marie Claire, The Sydney Morning Herald, and CEO World Magazine. Through many years, I’ve learned what it takes to overcome glass ceilings, build resilience, and lead with confidence.

Now, I’ve found my true passion in supporting incredible, powerful, career-minded women to claim the career

they deserve.

I’ve helped over 600+ women to overcome societal limitations, ask for what they truly want, and take charge of their own success. And, I’ve helped several of those same women double their salary within our first 6 months working together (yes, it’s entirely possible for you too!).

I want to share the same support with you, so you too can achieve your goals, transform your career, and rewrite your future!

Amanda Blesing

Latest Blog Posts

Discover More Ways to Fast-Track
Your Career Goals

What My Incredible Clients Have to Say…

A good coach whispers in your ear what you know deep down in your soul and in your heart – what you can do, what you should be and that you’re worthy. Amanda turbo-boosted my courage and confidence as she pushed and then applauded me in a very challenging time for our industry.

I had more opportunities materialise because Amanda helped me focus on being the best me.

Ursula Dyer Lepporoli
Partner, KMPG

My work with you was life changing. I am going from strength to strength and cannot imagine how any of this would have happened without your guidance. Was offered (acting) manager position within a year of starting at my new role, as per goal. Then the GM of all the teams said “Actually, I want you in my innovation team because those skills are harder to recruit”. That was my medium term goal, and I thought I might need extra quals to jump across. I’ve accepted and can’t wait to start. I only received that offer because of things I had been doing as a result of your coaching. THANK YOU!

Finance Professional

GREAT webinar yesterday! Your presentation style is awesome, just what resonates with me and your passion shines through.

Sigrid de Kaste
Book Writing & Marketing Strategist

Make This the Moment
Your Career (and Life)
Changed Forever...

Finally, you’ll be able to:

Gain true recognition for the hours you’ve poured in and sacrifices you’ve made...

Receive the promotion, salary, and opportunities you desire with confidence...

Demand the flexibility you need to thrive in your work and your family life...

And, achieve the fulfilling, successful, and impactful career you’ve always dreamed of!

You’ve poured your heart into your career, and it’s about
time you were recognized for it. Let’s work together
to create the life you deserve.

11 Point Executive Career Toolkit Checklist

To ensure you are never caught out, and are perfectly positioned
to put your best foot forward in your career, every time.

11 Point Executive Career
Toolkit Checklist

To ensure you are never caught out, and are perfectly positioned to put your best foot forward in your career, every time.

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