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The Gender Gap & Alcohol Consumption

The gender gap in alcohol consumption has been a topic of interest in public health research and societal discussions for some time.  (Who knew?)

Historically, men have been more likely to consume alcohol than women, with cultural norms often associating drinking with masculinity and social status. However, in recent decades, this gap has been steadily narrowing, with women increasingly participating in drinking culture and this is particularly prevalent in Australia.

One of the contributing factors to this shift is the changing social dynamics and roles of women in modern society. As women have gained more opportunities in the workforce and have assumed leadership roles in various industries, they have also become more integrated into traditionally male-dominated spaces, including corporate and executive environments. In these settings, the pressure to fit in and conform to established norms can be particularly pronounced.

I even had one client who shared with me recently that despite her not drinking one of the few networking opportunities for her to connect with her male peers was a whisky and cigar night – yes, and this was in the last few years.

For women in corporate or executive roles, the pressure to drink alcohol as a means of networking, socialising, and building professional relationships can be significant. In many industries, alcohol has become almost synonymous with networking events, client dinners, and post-work gatherings. As such, there is often an implicit expectation for professionals, regardless of gender, to participate in these activities as a way to build rapport and establish connections. In Australia, having a drink at the pub after work with colleagues is where that unofficial and more casual chit chat can happen with your boss – the casual request for a pay rise, the casual chat about future opportunities, the chance to bond.

However, for women, this pressure can be compounded by gendered expectations and stereotypes. In male-dominated industries (and I categorise leadership as a male dominated industry), women may feel the need to prove themselves and demonstrate their competence in order to be taken seriously. This can create a dilemma for women who are reluctant to drink or who may prefer not to consume alcohol for personal or health reasons.

Moreover, the pressure to drink can be influenced by broader societal attitudes towards women and alcohol. Women who abstain from or limit their alcohol consumption may be perceived as less sociable, less fun, or even less competent than their male counterparts who partake in drinking activities. And the double standard for women who drink too much is incredibly punishing. Case in point, a woman would have been crucified if she had behaved as per the recent photo of Senator Barnaby Joyce lying on the ground and obviously drunk in public. This stereotype can be particularly damaging for women in leadership roles, who may already face scrutiny and bias based on their gender.

Additionally, the expectation for women to drink in order to fit in or be taken seriously can have negative consequences for both individual well-being and organisational culture. For women who choose to abstain from alcohol, navigating social situations where drinking is prevalent can be challenging and isolating. This can lead to feelings of alienation and undermine their sense of belonging in the workplace.

Furthermore, perpetuating a culture where alcohol consumption is seen as essential for professional success can contribute to a variety of issues, including alcohol abuse, impaired judgment, and workplace misconduct. In industries where high levels of stress and pressure are common, the normalisation of heavy drinking can exacerbate existing mental health issues and contribute to a toxic work environment.

To address these challenges, leaders more broadly need to challenge the assumption that alcohol consumption is necessary for professional success and to create more inclusive and supportive workplace cultures. This includes promoting and encouraging alternative forms of networking and socialising that don’t revolve around alcohol, providing resources and support for employees who choose not to drink, and fostering a culture of respect and acceptance for individual choices and preferences. By acknowledging and addressing the pressures that women face in corporate and executive roles, we can create healthier and more equitable work environments for us all.

Because when women win, we all win

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To ensure you are never caught out, and are perfectly positioned to put your best foot forward in your career, every time.

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